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Useful Links

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, this page has something for everyone. It includes links to online tools for testing website speed and performance, checking for HTML and CSS validation, and optimizing images. You can also find links to resources for web-safe fonts, flat design colors, and CSS code snippets.

1- SassMeister is a website that allows you to write and test Sass code in real-time.

2- PicResize is a website that allows you to resize, crop, and edit images online for free.

3- Flat UI Colors is a website that provides a collection of flat design colors for use in web and mobile applications.

4- Crop Circle is a website that allows you to crop and edit images online in circular shapes with various effects and filters.

5- CSS Font Stack is a website that provides a list of web-safe fonts and their fallback options for use in website design.

6- GTmetrix is a website that analyzes the speed and performance of websites, providing insights and recommendations for optimization.

7- The W3C Markup Validation Service is a website that allows you to check the markup validity of web documents, ensuring they conform to web standards.

8- HTML5 Boilerplate is a website that provides a professional front-end template for building fast, robust, and adaptable web applications or sites.

9- Initializr is a website that generates custom templates based on HTML5 Boilerplate to kickstart website or application development with a variety of options and configurations.

10- Unicode Table is a website that provides a searchable database of Unicode characters and symbols with their respective codes and properties.

11- Time and Date's World Clock shows the current time in UTC and other time zones, allowing users to compare and convert times for locations worldwide.

12- Babel is a website that provides a JavaScript compiler, allowing users to write next-generation JavaScript code that can be transformed into code that is compatible with older browsers and environments.

13- Regex101 is a website that provides a regex tester and debugger, allowing users to create, test, and debug regular expressions for use in web development and programming.

14- DevDocs is a website that provides a searchable and fast-loading interface for accessing documentation for a wide range of web development and programming languages and technologies.

15- Color Hunt is a website that provides a curated collection of color palettes for use in web and graphic design, allowing users to browse, save, and create their own color schemes.

16- Coolors is a website that porvides a color paletts generator for your brand.